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This website section deals with a listing of many XXX 8mm films and titles. It is just a Spreadsheet listing and, there are very few photos. It is layed out in a PDF format with alphabetical listings by series and titles. There are also some actor names per title.

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Adult 8mm Stag XXX Film & Glamour Encyclopedia

Our Objective:


This website is dedicated to listing as many old time 8mm stag movies as can be found and listed. We also are going to show and display as many  of the digitalized films possible. These small 200ft film strips became the western world's version of the Kama Sutra. With the explosion of 10's of thousands of titles released in this 20 year time period,  sexual relations would never be the  same for the Western culture.  Never again was human sex acts to be put back into the secret Genie Bottle and hidden from view of the common citizen. Our period of most interest on this website is from the release of the birth control pill in 1960 to the start of AIDS in 1980. Within this 20 year period, the western Baby Boomers made good work of the expression "Make Love Not War". From Woodstock on the east coast to Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco on the west coast, the young Baby Boomers enjoyed uninhibited sex in front of movie cameras. No more was it the responsibility of the man to wear "protection" as the ladies only needed the "Pill". It was during this time period that the Porn Movie "Money Shot" was born. No movie could make the final cut unless there was visual proof that "Annie got his gun off"





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